Sunday, 19 October 2014

Are You Ready Boots?...

....Start Walking!
Autumn has taken over here in London and I am embracing it full swing! If there’s one item I always go back to every time the leaves turn brown it’s a nice pair of Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are timeless and never go out of fashion; I love to wear them with black tights and old summer dresses a ’la Alexa Chung.

I've bought Chelsea boots over the years from a few different highstreet brands and although they have been nice they always tend to wear out very quickly.  I think if you know you are going to wear an item year on year you should think about investing a bit more money to make sure that piece will last you more than one season! Queue this beautimous pair of boots that arrived on my doorstep last month from Chatham for review…

Coat - Primark
Dress - Milanoo

One of my favourite colours for Autumn/Winter is maroon so when I saw these Chelsea boots had maroon elastic I knew we’d get on like a house on fire. They are 100% leather so I think they will last me for a few good years and they are super comfortable...

On this particular day Will & I went for a wander around Portobello Road Market and they put up well with the day of walking through crowds and standing at bus stops... 5 stars from the City Girl! At Portobello I also picked up this black hat (strongly inspired by What Olivia Did & Wish Wish Wish). I am pretty chuffed with it as it was only £18 and the one I had been eyeing up on ASOS was £30! Pleased as punch!!

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  1. WOW you look fabulous ! Love the look x

  2. Now I'm going to have 'boots, keep walking ' in my head all day. lol.

    Love the outfit, so cute for autumn! (>‿◠)✌