Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Trick or Treat - Halloween Costume Ideas!

Mary Poppins - Just grab: A white shirt, a black midi skirt, a black hat, an umbrella and a red bow or ribbon and TADA. You shall be heel clicking and singing all hallow long!

French Clown (Pierrot) - Ok maybe a little more preparation needed - create a ruffle, which can be made of paper (see here ) Just grab: Anything white and floaty (a white maxi dress or white baggy shirt and trousers), Your pre-made ruff collar, paint face white and draw on sad eyebrows and tears with a black eyeliner pencil. Voila! 

Minnie Mouse - Just grab: Red Dress, White frilly ankle socks, black shoes, Make some minnie mouse ears by putting your hair into two top buns (see here), add a red bow to your new hairdo and lastly add a little mouse nose with a black eyeliner pencil and you're all set! 

I hope you like my halloween costume ideas, it's my (2nd - lets not get too excited here , it ain't no Christmas) favourite time of the year! I am not sure if I will even be attending any halloween occasions this year ( I shall mostly be spending my time singing along in a loud voice to this) but if I do I certainly will be choosing one of the above! What's your favourite? 


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  1. huh, I posted a comment and it didnt come up. Soz babes. Just said I love the Mary Poppins idea. Might just use that one this year, comfy too. lol. xxx