Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Springtime Outfit Inspiration

Hey Guys,
Just a quick post to show the pictures I have been looking at for my Spring outfit inspiration.

I keep a board on Pinterest that I have named 'What I Want to Wear' and whenever I am feel particularly fashionably-lost or just unsure of what to put on, I like to go on there and soak up the inspiration! I really recommend making a similar board, just pin whenever you see an ootd you like or a particular colour or way of styling you would like to try out!

Hope you like this post!

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  1. I love spring trends, I'm all about spring/summer fashion, love pinterest too great way to get inspiration bad thing is it makes me wanna do a whole lot of shopping :) x


  2. Very inspiring post - thank you! I think that's an awesome idea to make up a Pinterest board for inspiration too.


  3. Love the yellow midi skirts, nice inspirations, xoxo.