Friday, 21 March 2014

Pick Of The Co-Ords

Matching separates... 
It's like marmite I think.. love or hate? For a long while I thought, wow.. I would look ridiculous in an all matching outfit,  you have to be very brave to get away with that! However, as part of an unspoken fashion resolution to try more daring things when it comes to trend choices, I would like to step into the pool of matching pieces which are popping up in highstreet shops. Other bloggers' got the hang of this look a long while ago, it's time I did the same! 

So, with that in mind today's post is a choice of different matching separates from various online stores that I like! Let's give it a go shall we?.......
gingham is very in this season dontcha know? I really like this cropped top & trouser set from Topshop. I think it would be an easy way to pull off all over pattern.. I particularly like the idea of wearing it with red lips and killer heels for a night out look!

I just love this dark floral set from ASOS, it totally suits this transitional seasonal weather - (florals for Spring? Groundbreaking) - no but seriously - add tights and cardi when its cold & wear with nothing but brown leather sandals in the sunshine!
I found this look on pinterest and it set off my pastel thing massively! I think this looks like something a modern day Marie Antoinette would wear to chomp down cakes on a Sunday afternoon! Soooo cute.

I think this is an easier way to pull of a Co-ord without being too obvious, dark denim looks good with black tights & leather as well as gorgeous summer golden skin. Can't go wrong!

The White Pepper
Again another floral set, this time from The White Pepper. I like the idea of wearing the skirt separately in a '1950's' style with white socks and pumps but also the set together is quite swishy and charming :)

That's all for now folks.. hope you liked this post! Are you into the Co-ords trend?


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  1. I adore co-ords but have yet to actually bite the bullet and buy one! I've got my eye on a few but I have the perfect one in my head that no shops actually make... The pastel blue one from Chicwish is gorgeous though :)
    Lovely post!
    Sally Says Beauty xx
    PS - 'Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking' is my favourite film quote ever haha!

  2. So true haha, the Chicwish caught my eye, I was pleseantly suprised to find the Pinterest link actually worked too haha.
    Thanks so much :)
    P.S. 'Did somebody eat an onion bagel??' - such a good movie.