Monday, 31 March 2014

Finding Your Personal Style

Hey guys, 

Todays post is my tips on finding your own personal style. I have quite a few people say to me they would like to have a particular style to stick to, something 'you'.. but they can't quite work out what it would be. I think when it comes to personal style you have to try and ignore trends & fads and realise what suits you and what you are most comfortable in..

1) Go back to the basics:
So to start with I recommend a wardrobe Spring Clean! Go through all your clothes and make sure you have all the basics needed for everyday dressing, I recommend:

- Plain jersey tshirts in  neutral shades (black,white,grey) I like h&m ones!
- Plain vests in neutral shades - in particular nude, for layering under anything sheer
- Jeans - look around for the perfect pair you feel most comfortable in , steer away from trendy styles like acid wash or boyfriend cut up jeans can get these later if you like them but you need a plain easy to wear pair initially!
- Neutral cardigans (black & grey - to go with anything you choose!)
-Leggings (I like these mainly for lazing around in but they are a good basic to have for layering if its cold!)
- A good pair of comfortable Neutral flats (black or brown depending on what you prefer) I like brogues and plimsoles
- A good pair of Neutral Comfortable Heels (preferably something you think you could wear day & night)

2)Finding your style:
 Take a look at the things in your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces:

Choose the pieces you feel most comfortable wearing & enjoy wearing the most.. lay them out and try and see a link that they all have - maybe they are quite 'rocker' style, maybe they are very printed or colourful, maybe they are minimalistic & clean lines, maybe they are floral & girly or neutrals and knits.

Take a look at, by typing 'OOTD' or 'Personal style' into the search you will find a huge selection of different outfits people have put together. Scroll through and pin onto a 'Style I Like' board..
Once you have pinned quite a bit take a look at your board and do the same as above..try to see similarities in the styles you like. From now on whenever you are browsing the internet and see a piece or outfit you like PIN it onto your board - you can always refer back to the board if you are feeling uninspired!

The best part! haha, Time to go shopping :) pick out some staple pieces in shops that suit the style you think you like - maybe its a leather jacket for a 'rocker' style or some floral print tops & skirts  for a 'girly' style, how about neutral cashmere jumpers? or a structured blazer for a minimalistic look! Make sure you try different shapes,cuts & styles on in the shop to make sure you feel comfortable in them! These staple pieces can be built on top of your basics to easily create outfits! 

Now that you have bought some staples in your style in the shops it will be easier to shop online... you have realised the shapes,cuts,styles that you like & that you think suit you so you can be a bit more adventurous in choosing more pieces that reflect the style you like! I have given a list of  links to shops I like to shop in:

3) Monki
4)Ever Ours (they are just updating but they do very girly pieces)
5) Zara
7) Vintage Style Me (very retro - very me!)
8) Romwe ( A site with many differents syles)
10) The White Pepper (Girly, Pastel, Childish shapes)

I hope you like this post & found it helpful! Are you Spring Cleaning your wardrobe at the moment? 


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  1. This Post is brilliant and so useful. I think the 'back to basis' start is such a good idea.