Monday, 3 March 2014

Springtime Wishlist

Hey guys,

today's post is a Springtime wishlist - all the things on the UK highstreet that I am dreaming about at the moment :) Hope you like!

I've mentioned this before but I am so lusting after a matching set outfit this season - I love this gingham set from Topshop - so cute and perfect for London summers! I saw this backpack in UO the other day and squealed inside, it's so pretty and I have a special relationship with mini backpacks haha. The backpack is really sleek and 90's (which my style is slowly becoming my style - much to my non-fashiony friends' dismay)

I love this little pair from RI this season! I pretty much like anything with cakes or donuts on so this tee speaks to me haha. I also think paired with the check midi & Jellies this is an outfit a 6 year old me would be proud of.

I am working myself up to getting a pair of these 'Mom' jeans from topshop - they are pretty man-repelling but that's ok because I've already got my man so I can feel free to repel others! I love the idea of mixing them with  a structured sweater and metallic simple clutch. MUCH FASHION. SUCH CHIC.

This outfit is just fulfilling my pastel needs entirely (there's one in each post I do haha). This ballerina skirt is just...uch... I can't even... I would pair, again, with a structured sweat top (Primark do a similar one to this btw) this gorgeous duck egg blue bag and a nice pair of tortoiseshell shades. 

hope you like this post, all the items are in the stores NOW. 

What's your favourite outfit? 


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