Friday, 19 April 2013

How To - TRENDS S/S 2013

Hey Guys,

Todays post is a 'How To', a series I'm going to be starting about the trends of the season and how to style outfits so that they look cool and on trend but still feel individual and easy to wear! 

This post is all about S/S 2013!


Linear patterns took over the catwalk this season (See Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta). A stand out contender for best pattern was the trusty old STRIPE. When it comes to patterned fabric my motto is GO BOLD or GO HOME, and so I have taken the stripe on with full vigour. Hitting another trend (MONOCHROME MADNESS) I stuck with black and white stripes.

When styling a striped outfit I like to mix vertical and horizontal to create a sort of optical illusion and really make a statement. When your patterns are so bold its best to go for simple shapes to create a clean silhouette and only add a pop of colour on the lips, maybe try a neon pink lipstick if you're wearing this out at night? Keep accessories simple and black and leave your stripes to do all the talking! 

ASOS Cropped Polo Neck -
ASOS Stripe Maxi Skirt -
RIVER ISLAND Stripe Jumper -
MOTEL - Stripe Dress -


Pastel candy colours are back in full swing this Spring-Summer and I like to style mine with a bit of kitsch girlyness, like a tongue in cheek park avenue princess! Take Spearmint greens, frosty blues and pretty blush pinks and make a 'Marina and the Diamonds' style statement of your pastels. Collars and bows make the look sugar sweet and plastic style finishes bring up images of barbie! Another top trend seen everywhere on the catwalk were these embellished sunglasses, be it pearls or plastic flowers these are sure to top off your outfit with pastel perfect pizazz!

BOOHOO Heart Lazer Cut Shirt -
ASOS Flower Embellished Sunglasses -
BOOHOO Perspex Bow Bangle -
BOOHOO Pink Strappy Platorm Heels -
BOOHOO Pretty Blue Dress -
Boohoo Pearl Embellished Sunglasses -
ASOS Mint Leather Jacket -

90's Grunge

Philip Lim's s/s 2013 collection spurred on a 90's grunge comeback which I absolutely love! For this look, the best advice is just to throw it together from what you have! Lacy and silk pyjama style tops or floral prints make a stark contrast against your boyfriends ripped jeans, tie a plaid shirt round your hips and you're ready to go! Clashing prints is encouraged and lazy knit jumpers are a must! All in all just have fun with it and make sure to mess up your hair a bit - this look is all about being easy going and careless! 

TOPSHOP Lace Crop cami -
TOPSHOP Vintage Silk Pyjama Shorts -
RIVER ISLAND Ripped Jeans -
TOPSHOP Floral Print Top -
TOPSHOP Denim & Aztec Backpack -

That's all for now folks! Hope you liked this post, if you did make sure to comment and I'll definitely do a follow up with more of my favourite TRENDS of S/S 2013! 



  1. I adore the 90's Grunge wishlist you have put together! This season Topshop have gone all out, risking racer back tops and flannel shirts with denim hot pants! I love love love it!

    Love your blog too, you have great style!

    1. Thanks! :) Topshop's new stuff is to diiie for! Glad you like the 90s look, its so easy to pull off too!

      thank you :) I'll check yours out!

  2. Ooh I am so liking the stripes :) especially the black and white theme. brilliant blog