Monday, 29 April 2013

Modern Day Audrey

Today's post is a style stealer. I'm going to show how I would style clothes from the UK highstreet to get a Modern day Audrey Hepburn look! I've styled three looks each based on an Audrey Hepburn classic film :) Hope you like!

Rather than take the classic black and pearls outfit from the film I chose my personal favourite, this magnificent pink ensemble! Hepburn pulls off this all pink outfit with princess like perfection!

Rose print dress - Topshop
Neon pink blazer - Topshop
Spiked headband - Asos
Hot pink skater dress - Oasis
Pastel pink peplum blazer - Boohoo
Pastel pink heels - Boohoo
Diamanté hair pin - Asos
Pastel pink lace socks - Topshop

I've chosen a selection of pieces from high street brands. The loud print on this Topshop classic prom dress really modernises a classic shape, pair with a neon blazer and a spiked tiara headband to add edge! 

If you are looking for a more authentic Hepburn look, the pastel look is probably for you, I've chosen a skater shape hot pink dress and to set it off a cute pastel pink blazer with a peplum waist. Accessorise with a pair of chunky sandal heels, wear lace socks under these to add even more sweetness! 

I love this film so much, and this outfit is so amazing and simple!
Cropped polo neck - Topshop
Black and white panel midi skirt - Topshop
White socks - Topshop
Platform loafers - Underground @Topshop
Black flat jelly loafers - Office
Loafer wedges - Nine West @KurtGeiger

For this outfit I've chosen a Topshop sleeveless cropped polo neck (it is just like the American Apparel one but a fraction of the price!) and a midi skirt to modernise the look a bit. The skirt has a white panelling detail along the sides which helps tie in the white socks better!

 I've given three different options for shoes depending on how daring you're feeling.. If you are feeling mighty daring perhaps these huge Underground platform loafers are for you? I think they would look so cool with this sleek body fitting look! If, however, you are looking for a more classic, comfortable look, I would go for the  plain black Jelly loafer, these are only £28 from office and look very cute with the white sock. Last of all is the wedge loafers, for extra height and to keep your body looking tip top whilst wearing such a figure hugging outfit! 

The 'Sailing' Sabrina look!

Shirt - h&m
Cotton shorts - h&m
Denim Shorts - h&m
Plimsolls - h&m
Cork flatforms - h&m

Not much modernising to be done here, such a great summer outfit!
 I chose to select items purely from h&m for this look as its a great place to shop for summer basics!

 I chose a check print shirt, be sure to do the buttons up halfway and tie at the waist a'la Audrey! I've given two different options for shorts, cotton or denim and two different options for shoes.. if you are actually on a boat maybe go for the cute classic plimsolls but I think these cork and white flatforms are so lovely! 

That's all folks! Hope you liked this blogpost, make sure to comment (or follow!) if you did! I'll be back soon with a Marilyn inspired outfit post! 


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  1. I just love Audrey. She is really charming!