Friday, 4 July 2014

Recent Vintage Finds

Hey guys,

This post is to show you the little vintage bits & pieces I have picked up recently :) I thought this was a nice way to incorporate my vintage obsession into my blog!

 First up is this gorgeous pink dress - circa 1950's. I bought this off a really sweet lady in the weekly car boot sale near our flat in East London, she was so nice and I couldn't pass it up, it is the perfect midi length too! Now I just need an occasion worthy enough of it!

Next is this turquoise midi skirt from a charity shop, I reckon this is probably 80's but I shall hopefully be styling it in true '50's Dior New Look' fashion :). It is such a lovely 'on trend' piece that will blend very well with my 'uk highstreet' wardrobe! I am imagining it with a striped breton tee, little white sandals and red lips..what an outfit!
 Next up is this little froggy!! My mum picked this up at a car boot sale recently and I am in love, he is sooo cute! It says 'rings&thing' inside his mouth so clearly that is what I shall be storing in him. He fits in perfectly on my dressing table full of vintage bowls laden with fake jewels and other random trinkets :)

Last of all, I picked up these white heeled sandals in Beyond Retro's newly named 'Outlet Store' on brick lane. I picked them up expecting that they were going to be full price and was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend pointed out they were actually 70% off!! Amazing!

Do you like vintage shopping? If so, what's your favourite places to go?

I hope you liked this post! I will be attending the 'Vintage Furniture Flea' by Judy's Affordable Vintage next week so expect a post all about my day there! :)


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  1. I enjoyed this blog in particular because I like vintage and bargains - especially Mr Frog! <3

  2. Love the pink dress! The frog is super cute, too. I'm a sucker for those types of items. The shoes being on sale is such a great deal. It's so nice when you are already going to buy an item and it ends up being super cheap. Great finds!

    1. Ah I know right! haha, such a find! :) thanks so much

  3. That dress is gorgeous! Such a bargain !!

    Kisses, Selorm Xx | SheJustTalks