Monday, 30 June 2014

My Picks of The Whitepepper Summer Sale

Hey guysss,
In today's post I have picked my favourite pieces from The Whitepepper Summer Sale which is now on! (control yourselves ladies.. your bank accounts will not thank you!!). I absolutely adore The Whitepepper, their pastel pieces just hit the 'Dusk darling' nail right on the head. The sale is really the only time I can actually excuse myself to buy a little summin' summin' from their brand so I jump right on the wagon whenever I see it hit the site! Anyhoo, on with the show...

Just take a look at this beauty would ya! Ah.. the pleats, the collar, the perfect blush colour..What a dream! I would style with the top button undone and little white sandals..please?

..So, I am not really sure if I can rock a smock like some can (rock a smock..hehe..ok I'll shutup). However, I think this piece is too delightful not to place into my 'Picks Post'..! This dress is totally what I imagine a modern day Alice in Wonderland to prance about in... with added socks, mary janes & headband.('s an outfit waiting to happen)

 PU Leather Biker jacket
I think this jacket is the perfect way to wear a pastel colour and still look tough! I'm not really sure what weather I would wear it in but.. Oh, how I dream of it as the perfect accompaniment to a flowy white maxi dress...
Lastly, another pair of cleated sole black boots - as if I don't have enough already! They are just perfect for any season!  With jeans & a sweater in A/W and little white socks & a sundress in S/S I mean come on, you cannot go wrong! 

Okily Dokily, that's all for now folks! What do you think of my picks? Don't forget to check out The Whitepepper website STAT because the stuff tends to sell out sharpish in the sale!!

Hope you are having a glorious sun-filled relaxing June....

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  1. Love all of these but I think no.2 is my fave! Adore the soft pink colour xx

    Hips Like Cinderella