Monday, 7 July 2014

Judy's Vintage Furniture Flea

Hey Guys,

Yesterday (Sunday 6th July) I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Vintage Furniture Flea by Will &I actually went to the flea last year and loved it so much! We picked some lovely things for our flat last time so we were happy for the chance to attend again this year. The flea is set in York Hall in Bethnal Green, the architecturally interesting setting makes a lovely backdrop for the stalls laden with mid century goodness waiting to be taken to new homes!

The fair is particularly fantastic for the prices! Nothing was ridiculously overpriced, as many vintage & antique fairs seem to be nowadays! It is such a pleasure to pick up a lovely 1960's print table cloth, dreading looking at the price tag, to see it costs a mere 12 pounds!! There were also a lot of gorgeous old maps that I wish we could fit in our flat and some amazing bits of furniture and knick knacks. 

After spending rather a while ooh-ing & aah-ing over the wonderful treasures up for offer, Will & I managed to finally pick out our purchase of the day - this adorable drop leaf kitchen table! The table is now sitting pretty in our flat and as you will see I took extra pleasure in setting it out nicely for dinner that evening! :) We had been on the hunt for the perfect 50's style drop leaf table for quite some time so we were delighted to snap up this one!

My outfit for the day was this little vintage dress I picked up at the Beyond Retro Brick Lane Outlet store, once again a surprise bargain for only 8 pounds!! I am so pleased with it!

I couldn't recommend Judy's furniture flea more to someone who loves the retro look to homeware but can't afford the normal price tag! We ended the day by wolfing down some delicious slices of cake (I chose red velvet - how can one resist such a bounteous cake display??) and sipping on tea from dainty tea cups.. the perfect way to end a lovely day!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you got any vintage fairs in London to recommend?


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