Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tumblr Inspiration

Hey guyss,

I'm going to try out a new series - tumblr inspiration. The posts will be a set of images that I have seen, found or photographed recently which I am finding particularly inspirational &/Or simply beautiful... Do you think you'd like this kind of post? I think it is a good way of me sharing what I am enjoying on this silly ol' internets thingamigig that isn't purely fashion or makeup based..Anyway, away we go....


So, that's all for now folks - to see more like this follow my tumblr account here: duskdarling.tumblr.com

Do you like this kind of post?


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  1. Too many pretty Pictures in one post...;) Such a cool idea!! I'm not on tumblr so its really nice to see this kind of post :) x Also I followed you on Bloglovin !! :) Im soo close to 200 bloglovin followers so please feel free to check mine out ,Can't wait for more of these posts!! :)

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