Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Insta - Catch up! Summer 2013

It's over, Summer 2013 is fizzling away with a few extra minutes of darkness lingering in the mornings and the breeze bringing an altogether quite refreshing chill to the we say goodbye to Summer 2013, Nice knowin' ya.

Hard rock calling was amazing , we watched Bruce, drank cider and left a little bit sunburnt but a lot happy :)
(sunglasses - Camden market, cardigan - Primark)

I loved spending days with my lovely girlfriends this summer, dancing at random street parties, drawing huge chalk whales on walls, having entirely pink parties and drinking way too much tequila. 

I said goodbye to my beautiful big sister Aimee as she went off to live in Kenya, it was pretty emosh but it also made the Summer really special as we did lots of lovely things together!

I spent the summer working at tsesay in Chelsea, Kings Road and got some lovely uniform pieces - including this gorge bright orange dress. LOVE.
(dress- tsesay, necklace,sandals and bracelet - Primark, belt -Asos)

I particularly enjoyed spending my days off with the Mr, meandering through our new area -  East London - eating delicious food and buying lovely little things for our new flat!

One of those things was a box of chilli lights. I was a bit too excited about the chilli lights...

I went to a few fairs this summer too :) One of my favourite Summer pastimes, I love me some 
Candy floss!
(top and shorts - h&m, headband - poundland, sunglasses - Camden market, sandals - Primark)

This is a set of pics from the Mr and I's staycation in Dorset! Bliss!:

(dress - miss selfridge, backpack - primark, sunnys - Camden Market)

(fishin' for Mackerel!)

On my Birthday I went for dinner and milkshakes with a few of my favourite people 

More candy floss!
(Shirt,socks and trousers all Primark!) 

Last of all - I GOT A TATTOO!!!!!! do you like it? YAY!
(got my tattoo done at Happy Sailor in Shoreditch :) )

That's all for now folks! What were your favourite Summer moments? Do you have a tattoo?


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