Sunday, 10 February 2013

♡ Mini makeup haul & Review ♡

Hey guys, 
I popped into my local drugstore the other day and picked up a few bits of make up I'd been meaning to try for a while, the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers and Maybelline The Rocket mascara. Here's some pics and reviews of what I think! 

First up - Maybelline The Rocket Mascara - 
I've heard loads of beauty bloggers and YouTubers raving about this and have been meaning to give it a go, it just so happened to be £5.99 instead of £7.99 in Superdrug so I thought now was my chance! On first trying the mascara it seemed pretty average to be honest, 
 my top lashes were longer and fuller but I've seen better in other mascaras.. it wasn't till I put some on my lower lashes that I really realised how nice this mascara is! Where lots of mascaras are too heavy and clumpy for the smaller lower lashes, the rocket is a light, lengthening mascara which left my lower lashes looking doll like and really rather lovely! I wouldn't run out and buy this mascara as my everyday mascara instantly but I think it is really nice for those days when I don't feel like wearing any heavy eye make up or eyeliner.  I'd give it a 7/10

My eyes whilst wearing The Rocket mascara..
Next up is Rimmel Apocalips in 'Celestial'
Now this lip laquer has blown up on the blogging world, so much so that I was worried my expectations would be way way way too high. I chose two colours and this is the first, 'Celestial' a pinky, mauve colour which most would call 'my lips but better'.. the colour is really really lovely  and the colour pay off is very strong. I truly was unbelievably impressed! This isn't quite a lip gloss and not a lipstick either, its somewhere in between, it colours your lips with a thick strong colour and leaves them with a lovely shine, without feeling sticky. 'Celestial' is a gorgeous day time colour! 9/10 from me!!

My lips whilst wearing Apocalips 'Celestial' 
Next again is Rimmel Apocalips 'Big bang'
Once again I was worried about this one, I am very picky about my red lipsticks. But I couldn't love this colour more! The pay off is unbeliveble, it gives you an amazing bright pillar box red, and a really nice shine. A couple of things I would say bout this lacquer is that you have to be really good at applying the colour, as it is such a strong shade and any slight slip or mistake could end up looking really silly! And the staying power isn't fantastic, you need to reapply after a couple of hours and it disappears as soon as you eat/drink. Other then that I really love this colour and it will definitely become a staple for me!  9/10 again :)

My lips whilst wearing 'big bang'

Overall I am very happy with my purchases and will defo be wanting to try some other Apocalips colours :)

hope you're all having a lovely 2013 so far!



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