Sunday, 7 October 2012

Moroccan Holiday Part 2
This post is a bit long! Be warned!

Oh Hi! I'm back from Morocco and I had an absolutely amazing time and I thought I would share my holiday outfit choices with you guys! How fun! 

I did have to cover up a bit when I was walking around but I didn't want to dress dowdily 

So.. here's what I chose to wear on the second half of my holiday..hope you enjoy! 
(press the pics to make 'em bigger)

Outfit One:
Black leotard - American Apparel
Peach midi skirt - ASOS
White belt - Charty shop
Black lace bandeau - River Island

I wear this black leotard all the time in the winter as a staple piece but this was a great way to bring it into my summer wardrobe! I really like it with this bright peach skirt, it made a nice evening outfit. The back of the leotard is really low so I had to put a little lace bandeau underneath!

Outfit Two:
Coral Shirt - River Island
Brown Jersey Maxi - River Island
Black skinny belt - Topshop

I wore this jersey maxi quite a lot while I was away because I felt the colour really worked! I like it with this coral top, I never would have put these two together normally but when I tried this I liked the palette, tres cute!

Outfit Three:
Brown jersey maxi skirt/dress - River Island
Brown and Gold belt- Topshop
Gold necklace - Tophop/diy
Black flatforms - River Island

Here's an evening outfit I put together to go for drinks with some friends while we were there. I decided to wear my maxi skirt as a dress, which is a great way to get more use out of one! I simply chucked a brown and gold belt round the middle and wore a chunky gold necklace and I thought it ended up as a pretty cute outfit! This is defo one of my fav outfits of the trip!

Outfit Four:
White vest - H&M
White bandeau - River Island
Peach silk skirt - Charity shop
Grey belt - Charity shop

Lastly I wore this outfit which I thought was really cute! I wore my peach silk midi from a charity shop and muy plain jersey vest, I put a little white bandeau underneath and it turned out pretty nicely! I really like the lighter colour palette in this outfit :)

Hope you're all well!

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