Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Moroccan Holiday- Part One!

This post is a bit long! Be warned!

Oh Hi! I'm back from Morocco and I had an absolutely amazing time and I thought I would share my holiday outfit choices with you guys! How fun! 

I did have to cover up a bit when I was walking around but I didn't want to dress dowdily (is dowdily a word? I don't think so.. it's not coming up on spell check so.. Well it is now) 

So.. here's what I chose to wear on the first half of my holiday..hope you enjoy! 
(press the pics to make 'em bigger)

Outfit One-
Black tank top - h&m
Peach silk skirt - Charity Shop
Pastel scarf - Market
Necklace - Topshop

This was an evening outfit in Essaouira I wore this peach silk skirt I bought in a charity shop a week before for  around £3-£4 (bargain) I paired it with a simple vest top and the pastel scarf I bought in the markets of Marrakesh

I also wore it with this necklace - I bought this at topshop and it had lots of gold dangley bits hanging off it but I decided I didn't like them anymore so I broke them all off! ..I like it now!)


Outfit Two -
Peach Jersey shirt - River Island
Floral trousers - Primark
Blue plimsoles - Primark
Brown belt - River Island
Sunnies - Beyond Retro

This is an outfit I wore to walk around the Souks in Marrakesh.. I love these flower print cotton trousers I bought from Primark those paired with the blue plimsoles I'm wearing were some of my star holiday shopping buys! 

Outfit Three-
Nude jersey long sleeve top - Topshop
Peach silk skirt - Charity shop
White/Grey reversible belt - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - Beyond Retro
Hand of fatima earrings - Essaouira Souk

This is another outfit from Essaouira wearing the same peach skirt but this time with a long sleeve nude top for the  daytime, so that I could be a bit more covered up when I was walking around the Souks.

I wore it with this belt I bought in a charity shop that my boyfriend actually pointed out is reversible and I never realised before! I have always worn it the other way (as a grey belt) but I spent a lot of the holiday wearing it the white way and it felt like a whole new belt :) (it's the little things!)

Outfit Four -
Black and White stripe bikini - Primark
White chiffon Caftan - (Mum's wardrobe - I dunno, I can find out if you really want to know)
Sunnies- Beyond Retro

This is on the rooftop of our Riad in Essaouira where I was free to wear some more revealing - 'holiday-ish' clothes. 

This is actually a sheer white Caftan my mum lent me for the trip! It looked super chic with my classic black and white striped bikini and new Russian Red lipstick by MAC, I am a happy bunny.

Outfit Five -
Peach jersey shirt -River Island 
Turquoise cotton trousers - Primark
Polka dot flip flops - Primark
Sunnies - Beyond Retro

Another star buy here from Primark - these green/turquoise cotton trousers were fantastic on this holiday - they kept me cool but also covered up and also led to some much more colourful outfit choices from me too! I was glad to step of my pinky\nude or black\grey shell and into this coral and turquoise ensemble :) great for covering up on the beach too!

Look!.. It also looks good on a camel! :)

More to come!


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