Thursday, 30 August 2012


My head accessory for the 20's night! 

some friend's sporting their 20's style

20's lads

Oh Hi!

Recently I went to a 1920's themed evening, It was so much fun! We dressed up accordingly and I thought I'd post our costumes up on here :) 

I went for a darker 1920's flapper vibe with a black H&M flapper dress and some Henry Holland for Pretty Polly suspender tights, I accessorised with a beaded head piece which i actually got at Claire's Accessories! (Although I don't recommend going to buy anything there.. I thought it would be cheap and cheerful but this  piece actually set me back £9.00 and broke instantly!! I had to sew it back together before I even left the house! Ok.. Rant over haha)

My friend Lizzie went for a lighter look with this absolutely gorgeous cream beaded dress from River Island which fitted the theme really well and really was so beautiful (I had dress envy) .Her token strings of pearls and a cute pearl head band complete the look! 

The boys went for a dapper look of white shirts, braces and different head wear.. V.chic boys!

In Other News:


I'm going on Holiday! YAY! I'm going to Morocco for a week and a half and I'm so excited. In preparation I bought these little pink espadrilles to walk around the dusty town in instead of flip flops.. they cost me £3.00 from Asda! I was so chuffed with my purchase and not only are they cheap they are also so cute, check out the little Zebras printed on them!


hope all's lovely where you are!
See you when I get back from my holiday!