Monday, 26 January 2015

UK Drugstore Makeup Haul

I think we all know what it's like, you pop into Boots to pick up one thing (A top-up of my favourite drugstore foundation) and you come out with a hefty bag of things! WOOPS! 

Here's the list of things I bought on my recent accidental drugstore haul!

Starting with the thing I went in for, my L'oreal true match foundation. I have raved about this before and despite trying a selection of other brands I still came back to this guy. I love the creamy formula, it's not too matte and not too glowy (Or shiny & sweaty looking as some can turn out!). The coverage is excellent, it evens out my skin tone and cancels out any red looking patches and blemishes meaning I have less concealing to do too.

Next up I finally picked up the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Rewind Concealer. I am really late to the party with this one, I have been reading about it on many beauty blogs for a while and at last I realise what the hype is about. The sponge applicator makes it super easy to apply, I use it under my eyes to brighten the area and it does a really great job. Plus its got a really light feeling formula so it doesn't crease up and end up looking wrinkly by the end of the day which is naaaaaht a good look. I am a bit freaked out by the questionable hygiene of the sponge applicator but I try and keep it as clean as poss! All in all, this is a great product and well worth a try if you are in the market for an affordable brightening under eye concealer.

I also picked up a lipstick from the L'oral Collection Exclusive range (Yes, the one I rave about last post!) This time I tried out one of the nude shades. After many swatches on my hand (I always leave boots with multi-coloured hands covered in makeup looking like a loon!) I decided on the shade J-Lo, this is truly a nude shade, really close to my natural lip colour with added shine. I like this lipstick and I recommend it but I am nowhere near as obsessed as I am with dear Blake.

And theeeeeeeen, I picked up three more shades in the Maybelline Super Stay nail polish range. I still love this polish, the formulation is fantastic, you only need a couple of coats, it dries quickly and its quite hardy.. I can keep this on for about 4 days before the ends start chipping which is pretty good in my books. I went for some more Spring-y shades in the hope that Winter will hurry away, a rosy nude and a pretty pink, plus I got a clear top-coat.

Last of all I picked up my favourite pen-style eyeliner from the drugstore, the L'oreal Super Liner. It has a super thin nib meaning you can get a nice thin line and flick. Application is really smooth and easy too. It's not the blackest of eyeliners, if you really want a super black finish I always recommend using a gel pot and a brush.

That's all for now folks

PS ..LUCKILY I PRE WROTE THIS  as being the smart girl i am I fell over and fractured my elbow yesterday!! Due to this painful & mightily uncomfortable experience blog posts  may be a bit less wordy for the next couple of weeks - (it has taken me about 20 mins to even type this sentence in haha) 

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