Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Top Five Red Lipsticks

Well hello there,

It's been a while! The past three months have been full of ups and downs & new ideas & failed plans.... that is my only excuse for my lack of presence on this part of the internet.

As some of you may know I am (as well as an avid fashion blogging fan) a working freelance makeup artist, and as of next week, I am now solely focussing on my career as a freelance makeup artist. However I have decided I wouldn't like to let my blog fall to the wayside as I really love writing about what trends and clothes I am liking. But, from now on you will be seeing 'Makeup & Beauty' posts coming up a lot more frequently as that is my main interest and I would like to incorporate it more! I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

OK, Lets kick off 2015 (Happy New Year BTW) with my favourite thing out of all makeup products LIPSTICK! And to be precise my most worn colour, RED! I thought I would start out my beauty posts with my top 5 red lipsticks... Now wearing red lipstick isn't for the faint of heart and I know some people find it pretty intimidating but once you get the right shade for you, you'll get used to wearing it and realise how it can make you feel pretty darn BADASS.

M.A.C - Russian Red

MAC is an amazing brand when it comes to lipstick, their colour selection is insane and most of the time their formula is good too. My favourite red from MAC is Russian Red, the colour is slightly darker than your classic pillar box red and the finish is matte (which is how I like all my red lipsticks - you'll find that in almost all of the following).

Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet - Hot Pepper

The Rouge Edition Velvet Lip lacquers are a bit of a marmite product, I've read many bloggers who absolutely love the formulation and others who hate it and find it dry. I LOVE it.. The texture is initially similar to a highly pigmented gloss and it smooths on well, with a creamy texture, and the colour pay off is really nice. It then dries to a matte finish without feeling crackly which some matte lip stains can. The colour range is so beautiful ( I also LOVE the pink shade Pink Pong) and hot pepper is the perfect orange toned red, good for hot summer days.

M.A.C - Lady Danger 

The second MAC colour to feature in my top five is Lady Danger, along the same lines as hot pepper colour wise, lady danger is a bright orange toned red. If I had to pick a red lipstick for poison Ivy to wear it would be this colour, its amazing. I don't need to talk about the formulation as I already have but the colour is just amazeballs seriously.

Rimmel Apocalips - Big Bang

The only exception to my matte lip rule is Big Bang by Rimmel.. this lip lacquer has a very creamy, exceeeedingly pigmented and shiny formula. When I say pigmented I mean,like, insane.. this is a tricky product to apply as one slip would show due to the bright in-your-face colour however the payoff is worth it.. carrying on the cartoon character reference route.. this is the lipstick Jessica Rabbit would wear.. suuuper sexy.

L'oreal - Collection Exclusive - Blake 

Ok so.. I don't want to sound dramatic but..I think I've found 'The One'. I have always been on the hunt for the perfect classic red lip. Until recently... when a lipstick came into my life and sauntered it's way straight to the top of my list.. The L'oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Red lipstick 'Blake' (aka Blake Lively - Gossip Girl's absolute beaut and Ryan Reynolds' Bae). ...In terms of 'pillar box red' I have always loved the shade Ruby Woo by MAC but I can't STAND the dry-as-a-crayon texture. Blake's lipstick has the exact same 'blue toned', 'teeth whitening' red shade without the dryness OR the £15 price tag (£6.99 Boots). Well ladies and gents, I think she might be 'The One' . 

That's all for now folks...

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