Saturday, 14 June 2014

The & Other Stories Summer Sale Wishlist

Hey guys,

Just a post to show allll the beautiful pretty lovely things I would WISH for from the & Other Stories summer sale! Come & see the beautiful pretty things......

Look at this lovely blush coloured leather bag though... oh, how lovely!

This ring would be such a nice statement piece with a little black dress (see later in post)

Again, peach coloured soft leather and gold hardware.. the pastel lover in me LUSTS for it.

I love this! Do you like this? I think it might be a bit 'marmite'... I just really like this bright violet colour and the midi length!

A skirt to match the purse? I mean, come on! Cute. 

Said 'little black dress' arrives on the scene in its subtlety quirky and elegant glory ;)

Ok so maybe I wouldn't actually wear these, but, a girl can dream of being glamourous enough to pull off tailored hot orange cigarette pants and a soft white oversized shirt...can't she?

Well then...have you heard of  & Other Stories? The sister of h&m, Cos, Cheap Monday & Monki she is glamorous, trendy but also simple and classic.....Or as they put it: "Today, a woman with a love for fashion creates her own style.
She wears things that feel right to her and reflect her personality. & Other Stories is about bringing everything she can wear into one place, focusing on the whole look. We believe shoes, bags, jewellery, lingerie and beauty are key for styling and just as important as clothing.
Our collections are built around inspiring fashion stories. All our lines are diverse, ranging from masculine tailoring to feminine chic and designed to provide endless styling choices."

..... I also lust after the delicious smelling bath bubbles and body mists.. what a dream!

Hope you like this post, have a nice weekend ladies & gents :)


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  1. Oh no! Summer sales are going to destroy my bank balance! Some lovely picks here.

    Hannah xxx

    1. It's so dangerous isn't it? haha xx

  2. That blush bag is gawj!!

    Kisses, Selorm Xx | SheJustTalks

  3. Very nice bag!:)) xx

  4. I'm right there dreaming of pulling off those orange trousers with you. There Gorgeous! Extreme, but we love that.
    And I want four finger ring, alas, they never fit me! Think i'll have to get a custom one when i'm big and famous. lol ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    1. yeah buddy! I'm sure there must be adjustable four finger rings out there somewhere? WE MUST FIND THEM!