Sunday, 23 February 2014

Primark Preview - Spring/Summer Shoes

Hey guyss,

Here's a little preview of my favourite picks from Spring Summer shoes that will be in Primark this year. There's some lovely shoes coming in! Now, I have been told before I have quite a different (ugly) taste in shoes!! I like my shoes either chunky, buckled and cool OR sleek 90's heels OR pastel themed prettyness.. therefore some shoes in the post may bit a bit Marmite (loveitorhateit) either way I love seeing what's in Primark stores so here you go:

1) The first pair are a pair of Mary Jane pumps, they are adorable and very similar to a pair I have loved from Topshop - perfect with a pair of white frilly sock and a sun dress!
2) The second are a really cool buckled pair of brogue style shoes - I really like these, they look almost vintage-esque - really different for Primark! 
3)The third pair are a dupe for the Dr.Martins, I have a dupe from Boohoo in white that I love, I'd love to get this black pair too.

1)First is a very 90s style heel, I love the simple black strap and buckle. I would prefer if the buckle was silver or black but either way for the price these are gorgeous.
2) The second pair is a lovely peep toe boot with a buckle as well - I've been eyeing up a peep toe boot from ASOS which is very similar.. I like the chunky heel too:).
3) Lastly is a VERY MARMITE pair of chunky sandals, I have a couple of friends who would cringe massively at the sight of these chunky, Gothic beauties - (you know who you are) - I, however, love them!! I think they would look so cool in contrast with a floral summer dress or with a pair of disco pants on a night out...I knoooow.. they're hideous... but that's why I love them, someone has to!!

AAhh, pastel perfection has come again to Dusk darling style. 
1)The first pair are a beautiful white sandal, to be worn with a 50s style sun dress and red toe polish! 
2)The second are harking back to my 5 year old self - my mumma always told me Jellies would give me blisters .. and they did.... I didn't care... they were beautiful.. I MUST HAVE.
3) Last off all a cute mint sandal - perfect with a pastel themed outfit, nice for a daytime summer party where you want to dress up but not wear heels!

Rightoh - that's all for now folks! Hope you like my Primark posts? I really love seeing what's in Primark since their website never shows everything. What are you lusting after for Spring/Summer?

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  1. I love this post! I'm a shoe fanatic :)

    Check out my blog
    Lauren x

  2. I am in dire need of new sandals I love the white and blue pair, as I am a flat fanatic!!

    1. I know right!! So gorge.. need. in