Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Favourite Lipsticks

Hey guyss,
today's post is another makeup related one as the last one got such a good reception :) 
I am going to talk about my favourite lipsticks. As you may, or may not, know I am pretty obsessed with lipstick - my collection is huge and trying to boil it down to a top 10 was pretty much impossible so I - being the awkward girl I am, have a top 14 for you!! Hope you like it..

Russian Red - M.A.C 

This is probably my most worn lipstick (hence the lack of it left in the tube!!) it is MAC 'Russian Red',
I talked about this one a bit in my last makeup post but it's a beautiful cool toned deep red. This lipstick looks amazing with a pale skin tone and the matte finish means it looks delightfully vintage.

Girl About Town - M.A.C
 Next is Girl About Town, again I showed this last time, but it is a lovely creamy pink slightly cooler than hot pink. Great for an everyday pop of colour especially in the Summer!

Costa Chic - M.A.C
 Costa Chic is one of my lighter lipsticks, it is a light creamy coral colour. I love to use this when I do a dark or smoky eye for a 60's style makeup look!

Morange M.A.C
 Morange is a new addition to my collection but it has gone STRAIGHT to the popular crowd. I realised I didn't have any true orange lipsticks and this really does what it says on the tin, a perfect warm toned orange that reminds me of humid sunsets on tropical islands...oooh soo dreamy!!

Bare All - Sleek
 'Bare all' is my perfect matte nude shade - like 'your lips but better'.

Peaches & Cream - Sleek
 Peaches & Cream is my other lighter toned lipstick, very coral toned light peach, lovely and creamy and great in the summertime!

Cherry - Sleek
 Again - 'Cherry' does what it says on the tin, a lovely true cherry red, really soft to put on and great for Autumn/Winter.

Amped Up - Sleek
 'Amped Up' is an amazing matte hot pink, I love wearing this when I am wearing an all black outfit to spice it up in winter and with white in summer. I always get compliments when I wear this!

Mulberry - Sleek
 Now...Mulberry is a bit of a marmite lipstick - I LOVE the dark berry lip trend but I know lots of people don't.. if you are one of the dark lipped crew then you'll love this sleek rendition, its dark and mauvey-purple without being too brown, I love it!

Sweet Tart - Revlon Lip Butter
 Does a 'lip butter' count? Either way I love this one, the formula is divine.. a creamy smooth shiny lip without being one inch sticky - this just moisturises and gives a nice sheen or buildable colour, I chose light pink which is perfect for spring

Celestial - Rimmel Apocalips
 Once again, this doesn't really count as a lipstick but I wear these lip lacquers as often as a lipstick. These are amazingly pigmented and you can get such a nice line with them, the formula is smooth and liquidy - it doesn't stain but it sits well on the lip and doesn't feel sticky at all. I love this shade for an every-day neutral look.

Passion - Chanel Rouge Allure
 A lovely sheeny buildable red with a slight shine and a warm orangey undetone. Plus the packaging is just..ugh...I wish I came in Chanel packaging.

107 - Kate Moss for Rimmel
 First of all, I hate it when lipsticks don't have names.. its a pet peeve of mine, I like a good name, get on it Kate! Secondly, this is a lovely deep berry red, again perfect for A/W plus the matte smooth texture means the staying power beats others by far.

Big Bang - Rimmel Apocalips
I saved the most dramatic till last! This photo is actually the colour this lipstick is.. ITS PERFECTTTT, as I said the pigmentation  is these are so die for and the pillar box bright red 'big bang' could never disappoint, I'm serious - if you are a fan of a bright red lip - RUN TO BOOTS NOW AND GET THIS..(one tip before you go, be careful when applying - the high pigmentation means one slip and it will be seen from miles away!)

That's all for now folks! I hope you like this kind of post - comment below if you do!

Whats your favourite lipstick?

See you soon!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of MAC's Russian Red. It's the perfect red. Great post! Xx

  2. Argh so many shades! You must have a really great collection. They all suite you so well as well. I'm more a tinted liploss person than lipstick though, because that goes better with skin shade.

    Check out my post on nails:

    1. I have an amazing collection, I'm not even ashamed hahaha

      thankyou so much - will do!!

  3. My goodness you have some collection of lipsticks doll! I am very envious..
    I'm liking the look for Russian Red, it's gorgeous and I just LOVE a vibrant red. The last one is WOAH, I do not think i'd have the guts to wear that haha it's so pigmented for a gloss?
    I'm loving MAC's Ruby Woo at the mo, it's matte and it has blue undertones so it makes your teeth the look whiter. Win! The Revlon Lip Butters are great too :) I'm in drastic need of a lipstick haul!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. hahah thanks!! I love russian red! I find Ruby Woo a bit too dry for me at the moment sadly.. I absolutely love the colour though!