Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Daily Makeup Essentials

Hey Guys,

Thought I'd do a beauty related post since I haven't done one in so long! Today's post is 'My Daily Beauty Essentials'. Almost all the makeup items I use on a daily basis are from the highstreet/drugstore and are easily accessible from Boots/Superdrug/online etc.

Starting off, foundation.

Now, in terms of skin, I am quite lucky to not have many troublesome areas or regular skin problems.. My main focus when looking for foundation is that it suits my very pale skin tone and that it has buildable coverage. I have tried a lot of different foundations in my time - luxury (NARS Sheer glow is a dream however my budget is far too strapped for that to be a regular on my dressing table) & highstreet and have finally found my perfect match!! L'Oreal True Match in Fair is the best highstreet foundation I have ever used!!(Take note pale girls) The colour choice is good in the foundation and the lightest colour suits my very pale skin tone perfectly. The foundation smooths and blends really well & gives an even look without looking heavy. I really, really recommend you give this a go if you haven't already!!!

Next, concealer,

 now if you haven't heard about Collection lasting perfection concealer - Where the heck have you been?! This extremely cheap concealer is AMAZING, the coverage is really really good, it brightens under eyes and covers red marks amazingly. The only problems I have is that 1) The tube runs out too quick!!!! 2) The colour selection is pretty low (I can find my colour fine, but as an MUA a low colour choice is annoying).  Apart from that this is honestly the best concealer.
If you have more stubborn spots or marks to cover the MAC studio finish concealer is also really great, the thick high coverage concealer covers spots and dark patches really well. However, I really wouldn't recommend using it under your eyes as it is too thick and tends to crease throughout the day!

Moving on to face powder,

my go to is Rimmel Stay Matte  in transparent - does what it says on the tin and doesn't cost the world. Plus the 'transparent' colour choice is a dream come true for us pale girls.
Again, if you are looking for a powder with a lot more coverage and don't mind spending the money the MAC Studio fix powder plus foundation is really good. It gives you coverage and it completely mattifies your look.

For blush 
I love Sleek makeup. Sleek are an amazing brand sold in Superdrug in the UK, their eyeshadows (you'll see this later) and blushes have amazing pigmentation. I love the colour 'Rose Gold' which gives a subtle pink flush with even more subtle gold shine.. lovely for Spring & Summer!

For eyeliner,
 I always use liquid or gel, for Gel I like Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eye Gel (I use a different brush as the one given is LAME) - make sure you allow this to dry on your lid before you blink too heavily and it will stay on all day!

On the days when I am feeling lazy (see: most days!!) I like the L'Oreal Super Liner, the tip is really thin and it lends itself well to my signature winged eye look! 

For Mascara,
to be honest I am still searching for the perfect one!! I loved Benefit They're Real but I didn't love the price tag, I loved the YSL shocking volume but that is EVEN MORE expensive. So, now I flit between different Rimmel and bourjois mascaras... any tips would be great!

If I am using eyeshadow,
which is mainly for a simple brown crease colour or a smoky eye if I am feeling daring, I always use the Sleek eye shadow palettes - particularly Au Natural for everyday matte shades and Storm for shimmery smoky shades. Honestly, these eyeshadows sooo good. They are bendable, highly pigmented and SO much cheaper than MAC.. give them a go!!

For lipstick

 I tend to go for either a bright red or bright pink - I have highstreet & high end versions for both shades..
For Red I either use
 Sleek Vixen - Shiny pillar box red

MAC - Russian Red - (MY FAV) Matte Slightly darker than pillar box red

 or CHANEL rouge allure- Passion - Shiny pinky red.

For Pinks
I either use

Sleek - Amped - Matte Hot pink

or MAC Girl about town - Shiny blue toned pink.

I hope you liked this kind of post, very wordy but that's because this is my THING haha - if you want to see more like this feel free to request makeup specific posts below:)

What's your fav mascara?


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  1. Lovely post, may have to try the Mac concealer for those annoying spots xx

  2. Love the post, already use probably half of products, but definitely gonna be checking the rest :)

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  4. MAC concealer is just the best!

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